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Critical Thinking

Employees with leadership potential demonstrate initiative, adaptability, and composure under pressure. They effectively analyze and evaluate benefits and risks and demonstrate understanding of the critical elements of a challenge.

Professional Presence

An exceptional employee develops credibility with stakeholders and builds on lessons learned from past successes and failures. They communicate clearly, collaborate purposefully, and serve as a model professional for the organization.

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JSI Opportunity Survey

Alliance Survey for Associates

The JSI Alliance Survey℠ is a versatile device that serves both as an employee self-assessment and a supervisor's performance evaluation tool. The Alliance Survey allows for an inclusive review by both the employee and supervisor of the employee's performance. By providing a thorough assessment, this survey helps to identify areas for improvement and enables the development of effective strategies to maximize employee potential.

$116 / each

Independent Survey for Associates

The JSI Opportunity Survey℠ Independent Executive Edition is a powerful self-assessment tool intended for existing leaders who manage employees. Designed as an independent survey or an Alliance Survey, it enables individuals to evaluate their own performance as organizational leaders in areas such as emotional intelligence, problem-solving, operational management, and stakeholder engagement. With the evaluation outcomes, leaders gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas in need of improvement, enabling them to develop targeted strategies to enhance their leadership skills and drive personal and professional success.

$80 / each

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