Cultivate valuable leadership skills and build an effective communication toolkit through self-discovery and collaboration.

Personality Dimensions® Awareness Workshops offer a comprehensive model that deepens understanding of, and appreciation for, individual differences through data-based self-assessments and a thorough exploration of temperaments – or personal preferences.

Empathy and authenticity are key components of effective leadership.

Personality Dimensions® Awareness Workshops are effective in developing leaders and strengthening teams. As a research-based, trait disposition tool, Personality Dimensions® is especially useful for professionals managing others or seeking to work cooperatively with a variety of personality types.

This workshop-based, trait disposition tool is particularly useful in gaining understanding about unconscious biases and the realities of diversity as a state of being, versus inclusion, which requires emotionally-intelligent action. Professionals working with a variety of personality types derive great benefit from this professional development session.

In this customized workshop, teams of 10-40 work collectively and individually to:

▪  Increase personal confidence & professional insights

▪  Understand causes of stress & conflict

▪  Create safe & meaningful professional interactions

▪  Learn to read the needs and values that drive behavior 

▪  Explore motivators and misconceptions related to different personality types

Give them the tools to strengthen the organization.

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