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Cultivate valuable leadership skills and build an effective communication toolkit through self-discovery and collaboration.

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Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions® Awareness Workshops engage teams in an interactive training experience that deepens understanding of – and appreciation for – individual differences and team dynamics through an exploration of temperaments – or preferences.

Empathy and authenticity are key components of effective leadership.

As a research-based, trait disposition tool, Personality Dimensions® workshops provide significant insights for professionals who manage and work with a variety of personality types, and are extremely effective in providing understanding about unconscious biases and the value of inclusion.

Participants begin with an assessment of their own personal preferences and examine the values of other temperaments that carry into all aspects of life.


The self-discovery and collaborative components of this workshop make Personality Dimensions® an effective and fun culture-building experience.

In this customized workshop, teams of 10–40 work collectively and individually to:

  • Understand causes of stress & conflict

  • Read needs & values that drive behavior

  • Create safe & meaningful interactions 

  • Discover personality motivators

  • Explore personality misconceptions

  • Increase personal confidence 

Provide team members with the tools necessary for success in their professional roles and strengthen the organization.

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